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home-256BUYER – Deciding to buy a home is a major decision. Home ownership may be the biggest financial investment in your life. It’s a wonderful goal. One we take great care in helping our clients achieve. Whether this is your first house, your dream home, an investment property or a vacation home; it is important to be familiar with the process. We’ve developed this guide to get you started. Remember that as your buyer’s agent I will be working for you. Let’s go through some of the things you can do right away to ensure success.



rentSELLER – So you have decided to sell your property. Now is the time to sit down and clarify your goals and time frame. Every home is different and every seller wants to realize their optimal financial gain when selling. Preparation is the key to success. Let’s go through the process and review the little things you can do today to ensure your best possible outcome.




VALUATION – Who doesn’t want to know what their home is worth? It’s exciting when an e-mail pops in saying your home has increased in value and a bit sad when it says the value has gone down. It’s fun and it’s free and if it’s not exactly accurate, it doesn’t matter until you are ready to sell. Pricing is an important step in preparing to sell for optimal financial gain. As an experienced, full time Realtor determining value and the best pricing strategy is crucial.



airplane-takeoff-256RELOCATION – Moving to the Valley of the Sun? Welcome! Selecting an area of the valley to live is a significant first step. A new city means new schools, new commute, different shopping and access to leisure activities. Even if you plan to rent before purchasing a home, knowing what’s important allows us to offer suggestions on areas that fit your family. Having lived, worked and raised a family in the valley for over 20 years, I’m happy to introduce you to what makes the Valley of the Sun special. Remember it’s our business to help ensure a smooth and stress-free move.